vendimia en verde

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ENTRADA vendimia en verde green harvest vendage en vert
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Dominio viticultura viticulture viticulture
Subdominio vendimia harvest vendage
Contexto Pero si se vendimia en verde, los racimos que se dejan en la viña maduran más rápidamente. But occasionally last-minute adjustments are made, especially by removing some of the hanging clusters (also called green harvesting; see “Interview with Aljoscha Goldschmidt” in chapter 4). Effeuillage et vendage en vert, fermentation douce par thermorégulation.
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Definición Proceso que se realiza cuando los racimos están formándose. El objetivo es disminuir la producción de una cepa para obtener más calidad. This technique is used to reduce the yield by reducing excess bunches during the ripening period which concentrates the flavours and colour of the remaining berries. It is very time consuming and expensive and may be required several times this season...this helps immensely in maintaining fruit quality, especially in varieties like Pinot Noir. Opération consistant à délester la vigne de grappes encore vertes pour faciliter la maturation des grappes restantes afin de diminuer le rendement d’une récolte s’annonçant abondante.
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Colocaciones green cluster harvest
Marca normalización Blog especializado en vino Written by Donald Zirald, specialist and, Canadian winemaker and businessman. site web français spécialisé en œnologie
Sinónimo aclareo thinning éclaircissage
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